Greg McQueen, Documentary Wedding Photographer Greg McQueen, Documentary Wedding Photographer

Documentary Family Photography

Documentary Family Photography

I am currently seeking families or couples based in Aarhus to work with to create perfectly imperfect family photography.

Life is in our everyday. Sitting having a meal at home together, playing a simple board game, bedtime stories, your child falling asleep on your chest, or enjoying the simplicity of a Sunday afternoon together. These are often the moments we want to document and keep forever.

Documentary Family Photography is relatively new in Denmark, and I am currently looking for families to work with to create some unique and genuine family images.

If you are …
  • A family open to documenting the uniqueness of everyday
  • New parents who want to document some of those precious moments at home with baby for the first time
  • Or, a couple expecting a baby and wanting to document the impending life change
  • You could also be a family wanting to document time with grandparents
Documentary Family Photography is about acknowledging that life is in our every day and it’s important to document these perfectly imperfect moments that we have together.

Yes. That Sounds Interesting. What next?

Great! Well, I am offering to do Documentary Family Photography sessions at an introductory price.

What you will get is …
  • A session documenting a slice of family life
  • A photo album with images from the session
  • Digital delivery of images in a hi-resolution format ready for printing and sharing
  • The potential for a really unique gift for grandparents or other family members

Introductory Price: 3995 kr.

Please contact me via the form below for more details.