Greg McQueen, Documentary Wedding Photographer Greg McQueen, Documentary Wedding Photographer


Julie Nebeker 

Greg shot our June wedding and we were extremely happy with the results. He was responsive and reliable. I appreciated the time he took in advance to completely understand our plans and desires to ensure that we didn’t have to think about it during our events. 
He also provided good input like having a ‘first look’ shot. Most of all I was impressed with his ability and willingness to go all out to capture an action shot.

The girls and I took bike taxis from the salon to the town hall and Greg was hanging out of the bike taxi and jumping out of it into the street to get cool shots. He also successfully corralled over 60 people in some really cool group shots. He really captured all the key moments of our special weekend so we can always look back and remember. My only regret is not having Greg at our US wedding celebration.

Goldie & Brian

We are very pleased beyond words that we hired Greg as our photographer. We are so happy with the pictures and can’t help but reminisce of our best day ever.

Greg came so ready for the long day of beautiful chaos armed with lots of patience and fun personality as well. He kept cool, calm and collected with everything that is happening all around us.

Thank you so much Greg for being part of our day!

Catalina Perju

Greg hasn’t just taken our wedding photographs. He has told our story. He has put in so much effort and passion, has gone the extra mile to give us unique memories of the wedding day.

He took his time before the wedding to get to know us, in order to capture what represents us. He had great advice about the things we needed to pay attention to or investigate at the church and the restaurant. We felt lucky to have his support.

But what we loved the most was that it was obvious that it is not just a job for him. He was having fun, he put a little bit of his soul into every picture, he talked to the guests, made us all relax, while other times we didn’t even know he was there. He captured smiles, laughter, tears, emotions, small moments of love, all with an artistic touch, an eye for detail and great passion.

Kirsten Nielsen

I recommend this photographer. He has a very unique eye for situations, captures feelings of the moment and last but not least, he gets to know the couple before they get married, something I haven’t experienced before!

You did an outstanding job at Rikke and Steffen’s wedding Greg. Thank you for giving us a keepsake that will last from now on.

Pernille Meyer

I throughly recommend Greg. I spoke with several other photographers, however, none of them showed the same level of passion and interest when it came to our wedding day.
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